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Contract Addendum and Disclosures
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                                        ADDENDUM (Terms & Conditions)

As this order consists of material fabricated specifically for the window &/or door openings set forth regards to this estimate/order, and can’t be cancelled after 72 hours of receiving a deposit and constitutes a binding contract. Initialing on contract allows customer to opt out of 72 hour, waiving right to cancellation of order & to have their order placed immediately. Purchaser agrees to be bound by all terms & conditions appearing on the face of this contract & addendum.Orders can not be changed unless in person or by email agreed by both and in writing with a change order and all sales are final. Customers are allowed to require a performance of payment bond for said work but the contract must reflect said bond premiums. State law requires anyone who contracts to do construction work to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board, to be referred to as CSLB, for a total job price of $500 or more (includes labor & materials). Our company is registered as Bella, Bella Blinds, Bella Blinds & Shutters, Bella Shutters, and Bella Blinds & Window Coverings SM and are protected marks under common law as well as registered service marks under the Bella name for sales and installation of blinds and shutter since 1993. (  license #  sales 057704 class #35 and license #057705 Installation class #37)

1. Failure by Purchaser to inspect the window treatment(s)(3-5Ft.Rule Applies) at the time of installation will constitute acknowledgement by purchaser that the window treatment conforms, In all respects to the specifications set forth on the purchase agreement. If not inspected: a $45 Service Fee will be required to return for any adjustments.

2. Seller retains the security interest in the window treatments, including all accessories to and replacements of them. In order to secure performance of all purchasers obligations arising under this contract, purchaser affirms that said window coverings no matter how affixed or secured to or where located on the premises are not to be considered fixtures.

3. Any amounts unpaid pursuant to the terms of the contract will be subject to a service charge of 20% of the total purchase price, or the maximum the state allows.

4. Pursuant to California Civil Code 3097, Purchaser is hereby notified that Bella Blinds whose mailing address appears on the purchase agreement and that if Bills of Fabrication and Installment of said window coverings are not paid in full, the improved property on which window coverings are installed may be subject to Mechanic Liens.

5. All Checks, whether being a Deposit or Balance due, must be good when first presented to the Bank. (No Post Dated Checks please) A $50 NSF Charge for any returned checks, Payable upon phone or e-mail notification along with a new check for the amount not cleared.

6. Warranty of all window coverings are warranted directly through the manufacturer of product (see label located inside head-rail or bottom rail or blinds, or on the manufacturers websites). Bella Blinds will help to the best of our ability: a minimal service fee of $45 may be required at that time (original contract price includes a one year service agreement from date of order). This warranty does not cover any losses or damages resulting from accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse, motorized devices or failure to follow our instructions related to cleaning and maintenance of said products (Shutters, Blinds, Tint, Solar-screen). Removal by Painters, cleaning crews, window washers or servicing agent...may/will void warranty and or service agreement.1 year commercial warranty. Tinting: Do not wash windows for 30 days, Bubbles will disappear as time goes on (1 or 2 months). Never use any Ammonia Products. During & Before application of Tint; NO A/C, Dryers, Vacuum, Fans, (includes Pets/Children in work area). Tinting is not a flawless application, 5ft. Rule applies. Instruct cleaning people as to proper cleaning methods.Breakage:If glass breakage should occur, notify Bella Blinds ASAP. We will help facilitate claim, see tint warranty for information (separate warranty for glass breakage).Shutter manufacturer. Warranty is 1-5 year on Paint & Limited lifetime on shutters (normal ware) PVC/Shutter 10-25 year limited lifetime prorated warranty (depending on manufacturer). Polycore waranty will be voided if heat in window exceeds 135 degrees. No warranty on commercial applications due to the excessive wear and usage. Should last a long time depending on usage and manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. No warranty or limited warrantee for commercial applications...due to the excessive use of its location. Blind manufacturer. Warranty is limited lifetime warranty on operational mechanism (2-7, through the manufacturer) for original purchaser only. (Vertical slats/limited lifetime usually 2 years)

7. If purchaser Unduly Delays the date of installation beyond due date of estimated delivery time on contract or by failure to supply paint match within 1 week of order date, or by home construction delays. Bella Blinds may charge for all uninstalled window coverings, as of contract due dates. Dollar amount will be up to Bella Blinds discretion at that time if such incident should occur.

8. Delivery time for Wood Shutters is 1-12 business weeks. Most other window coverings such as Blinds approximate delivery time 2-3 weeks. At times, manufactures have run into delays on their part such as; Stock out material & Backorder on certain blinds, Shipping delays/damages caused by freight companies used by manufacturer. Bella Blinds has NO control over such delays & the customer will be notified as soon as Bella Blinds has been notified by said manufacturer. Customer will be notified by telephone or e-mail when all products ordered has arrived and will at that time make an appointment for installation. Please do not status orders. Specialties in shape or nature are not totally known to decorator or designer and will default to most functional. FYI 

9. Orders are required to have a 50% deposit in order for Bella Blinds to negotiate a better discount for the homeowner. The Balance will be due upon installation of said window treatments or part thereof.

10. On Line Orders, are to be shipped direct to purchaser, are required to be paid in full at time of order. Must be mailed to address on contract to do so.

11. Cancellation after 72 hours or after waiver has been initialed; the buyer will be subject to cost of Product.

12. Customer is to provide ample workspace near windows being covered & free from obstructions and/or breakable items. Also any and all furniture/heavy objects must be cleared from passage to the workspace. Because sharp tools are used, Children & Pets must be kept clear from installers work area.If at the time of the installation appointment & such items mentioned in paragraph 12 have not taken place, Customer may need call and reschedule appointment for another day caused by this delay. This will be at the Installers discretion if he is able to wait for removal of said items or move forward with his day.

12. At time of Estimate, Customer has been informed as to which side of coverings the controls will be positioned (i.e. Tilt wand-Cords-Panels-Stacking-etc.) NO changes after the coverings have been produced. Shutters can’t be re-hinged after production or installation of shutters.

13. Custom Color Match: Shutter match (Paint or Stain) is an additional charge of $100-$500 dollar option, within 7 days of order being placed. A sample of 12" is required; shutters may take an additional 1-3 weeks. Shutters are fastened with buttons/clips/or magnets. (Extras not included) discuss manufacturer choice of latching systems...some use none.

14. Buyer Accepts All Risk due to Variations in finish caused by the natural grain pattern of wood products & dye lot variations and designed specialties from sample to finished product. Some slight warp-age, as well as natural variations in color and grain are normal with wood products and are not considered defects. Exposing wood products to excessive moister and/or steam will cause damage for any wood products. Such damage is not covered under any warranty. Polycore warranty will be voided if temperatures have exceeded the 135 degree threshhold. To prevent damage to a polycore shutter make sure if the temperature outside exceeds 102 degrees to open the louvers to ventilate the shutters to keep them from getting damaged from the sun and excessive heat.Keeping shutters closed especially west facing windows will have an oven effect trapping heat between the window and shutter and will cause temperatures to exceed a melting temperature.

15. Laws designed to protect the public regulate licensed Contractors. If you contract with someone who does not have a license, the CSLB may be unable to assist you with your complaint. Your only remedy against an unlicensed contractor may be civil court; you may be liable for damages arising out of any injuries to the contractor & his employees. You may contact the CSLB to find out if a contractor has a valid license. The Board has complete info and history of licensed contractors including any possible suspensions, revocation, judgment and citations. Call CA CSLB at 800 321-CLSB for information Lic#681818. Contractors are required by law to be licensed & regulated by the CSLB which has jurisdiction to investigate complaints against contractors if a complaint regarding a patent act or omission is filed within four years of the date of the alleged violation. A complaint regarding a latent act or omission pertaining to structural defects must be filed within 10 years of the date of the alleged violation. Any questions concerning the contractor may be referred to the Registrar, Contractors State License Board, Post Office Box 26000, Sacramento, CA 95826. We do not carry liability insurance, at this time. ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES: Notice: Both parties agree to binding arbitration. Any disputes arising out of the matters included in the Arbitration of disputes provision decided by neutral arbitration as provided by CA law & you are giving up any rights you might possess to have the dispute litigated in a court or jury trial. Customer is giving up the judicial rights to discovery & appeal, unless those rights are specifically included in the Arbitration after agreeing to this provision, you may be compelled to Arbitrate under the authority of the Business & Professions Code or other applicable laws. Your agreement to this Arbitration Provision is Voluntary. We have read & understand the foregoing and agree to submit disputes arising out of the matters included in the Arbitration of Disputes Provision to Neutral Arbitration.

16. Blinds & Shutters are mostly mounted on the Inside of the window casing may inhibit removal of the window for Replacement or Cleaning and should be considered when determining you mounting solution.  

   ***  Signature does not constitute an order until Deposit has been made or email confirming an order with out a deposit for certain existing customers to show there is a meeting of the mind an order is to be placed with out a deposit but payment is due upon installation.

 ***  This contract is a confirmation of what is being ordered or from the last confirmed change order date.

   Our liability shall not exceed the total amount of the contract.

         A change order will be confirmed in writing, by email or other form before changes are permanent called a “change order”.  (Deposit can be given at time of order or mailed in to us at 28241 Crown Valley Parkway F141 Laguna Niguel , Ca .92677)

We maintain a 15,000 dollar bond with corbett insurance to secure your deposit is handled properly.

We do not accept any changes to the contract except by email or in person...no text or other comunication will be excepted and will revert to orignal contract unless in person or writing by email confirming the change order.

We wear our shoes to perform the work in the house as a safety element to our installation and your and the protection of the home we are working in.


Client shall provide room to the windows / door in question for installaion day. We do not move furnature but will assit in the moving of the furniture if too heavy free of any liability. 

Electronic images of us working is not permissable and shall not be shared and the installer at his discretion has permission to redirect camera or cover it up as it may be a distraction to the completion of the final work.

contractors are licensed through consumer affairs and the the contractors state license board and our liicense is #681818