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custom shutter with stain glass inlay.

We offer custom made Wood Shutters
From a variety of sources
most popular are the sunland polycore shutters
Some of the companies we sell from include:
  Skandia Poly Shutters
Hunter Douglas Shutters
Sunland Shutters

This section is to help you with design choices so hopefully it helps inform you of some of the choices for designing your shutters.
Shutters are made up in sections called panels or also referred to as doors. These shutters are to cover your window or door and open up for cleaning and maintenance.
Shutters are typically mounted on the inside of the window and have a variety of mouldings to choose from. Manufacturers warn that mounting shutters inside the window may limit the ability of the window.(being able to tilt windows in for cleaning and or removing windows for replacement or servicing).  You should concider before ordering.

 1.)You should determine if you like the traditional shutter with the tilt bar or clear view which some companies call hidden tilt.

see link to see the difference on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KXb-zuw4PE

2.)You should choose a louver size...(2 1/ 2 , 3 1/ 2, 4 1/ 2). The rule is the bigger the window the bigger the louver.

The most common is 3 1/ 2 inches...I had installed a 4 1/ 2 inch louver on a small window and it came with only one louver...

consider how much glass will be blocked.

Panel Configuration is usually limited to size width of the window and is not recommended to exceed (36 inches in width for 3 1/ 2 and 4 1/ 2)(28 inches for 2 1/ 2) and on some heights not to exceed 60-72 inches in height with out a mid-rail support for the PVC and Polycore shutters.Do you want one door , 2 doors, 3 doors,4 doors and so on per window or opening.....see recommended drawing charts. L indicates hinges are on the left but only one panel. LR indicates one panel left and one to the right.


Mid-rails or divider bars are usually placed at the middle of the shutter to separate upper and lower louvers giving you more flexibility in light and privacy. On the wood shutters it is an extra charge of 15 dollars per door. The shutter is also available with a mid rail break or with out a bar but you must specify without bar at time of order.

with the midrail option may feel like a cross
shutter with arches and midrail allows you to close top and bottom independantly

Split rail no bar shows a shutter with no bar in the center of the shutter but allows you to close the top independantly from the bottom part of the shutter.

Give a clear unobstructed view when open and more flexability with the light coming into the room through the top half when the bottom is closed.

Some people may think your shutter is broken if louvers are not opened to the same angle.


Other than midrails is called split rail where there is no visible bar in the middle just 2,3,4 sections that you can open independently.

French Door Handle Cut Outs On your french doors are handles that can be in the shape of a ball or a bent bar or leafed handle. The leafed handle or bent bar requires that there be a handle cut out that can range from $75-$175 per handle cut out. It is available in round and square cut outs... picture below.

square cut out for handle
round cut out for handle no frame near handle wood only
round cut out for handle with frame near handle wood only
round cut out for handle
louver sizes
 2 1/ 2 inches
 3 1/ 2 inches
 4 1/ 2 inches in width.

Our wood shutters are made from Americana hard woods. The shutters are typically made out of Grade "A" bass wood which is a light durable hard wood that can be painted or stained to match existing colors in your house.(Exotic woods are also available at market rates) If you are matching a particular color stain or paint a sample may be required to match.(Provided by Customer)Custom match fee will apply.

Shutters are available with or with out a tilt bar (also known as clear View or True view) There is an extra charge to have shutters made with out the tilt bar.

Shutters can also be installed on a skylight
you can put drapes over your shutters

shutter around tile...

large frame work dresses up the shutter and makes it more elegant

custom stains to match your funiture...


         Arch top shutters and specialties

                     (Always will be defaulted in size and proportions)   

Height may include a fixed louver at the top and will be considered in design as most operable…

Depending on the height of the shutter whether a full louver can fit and work properly without fully inhibiting shutters ability to open.The framework is shaped to conform to the shape of the window and the top of the panel…

·             The louver is shaped to conform with the look of the shutter

·          may be operable or non operable depending on the height of the shutter

A full louver on top only allows the shutter to open 30- 90 degrees and will not fully open blocking the view.This is where a fixed louver on top with a more operable louver on bottom.                                                             


Turn Around Shutters can come as soon as 2 weeks or up to 12 weeks, depending on the order and manufacturer. Our shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty on installation and and a limited warranty of the product. All Warranties are through the manufacturers.(see warranty outline.)


The picture just above is an example of a cafe shutter. On a window you may want to only cover the lower half portion of a window and leave the upper part open. This is called a cafe shutter. In the photo above this customer I advised to not cover the top part of the shutter and leave the distorted glass open on top to let in more light. They were pleased with this option. considering they paid extra for the Glass on top to be distorted and the other company measured it to cover whole window. A warning on cafe shutters...need to be reinforced on the top other wise they can flop around.

Frame types vary in style and size in the industry and may be limited in your application.


This shutter is not a Bella Blind shutter, but is being used to show an example of what happens to a wood shutter that is exposed to moisture. The paint will peel off the wood and is very expensive to repair. This is why we mainly sell Polycore shutters...you can clean with water, leave your windows open when it rains, and even hose off your shutters for spring cleaning.

                     Sunland Shutter's 
Polycore and Lexwood Shutters 
are GreenGuard Certified!

GREENGUARD Certified products must meet stringent requirements for chemical emissions and toxicity, such as being screened for over 10,000 different chemicals including irritants, carcinogens and reproductive toxins.  
Products also undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring tests to maintain this elite credential. 

The sound science and independent third-party status that back the GREENGUARD Certification programs are internationally recognized. 
Robust certification requirements differentiate GREENGUARD Certified products in the marketplace.

Sunland is certified for both Indoor Air Quality and for 
Children and Schools. 

A product certification program for low-emitting building materials, furniture, furnishings, finishes, cleaning products, electronics and consumer products. All GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified products meet stringent certification requirements and must undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance.
A product certification program for low-emitting building materials, furniture, finishes, cleaning products, electronics and consumer products used in environments where children and other sensitive populations spend extended periods of time. All GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified products meet the stringent GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification requirements, including limits outlined in California's Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Specification Section 01350, and undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance. 
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