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When shopping for mini blinds we recommend Hunter Douglas as our manufacturer of choice.


  • 6 and 8 guage slats
  • Slat Sizes
  • Dustguard or Dustshield
  • Routeless
  • Magnaview
  • Specialty Shapes
  • Literise
  • Break Away Safety Tassels
  • Motorization

Guage or Thickness Aluminum blinds are available in different thickness materials when you are looking at 1 inch blinds...6 gauge which is typically made from recycled material and is not as strong as the 8 gage thicker material. The Micro 1/ 2inch blind is with vergin 6 guage because of its size can not be used with recycled material. Conversly for the 2 inch is typically made with the 8 guage material.

Slat Size  1/ 2 inch.1 inch,and 2 inch.
Micro is a 1/2 inch mini blind that is very delicate but works great for small windows or french doors with a little space between the handle and the door. The next is 1 inch which is the standard shade when people refer to mini blinds.     The largest of the slat sizes is the macro or 2 inch shade in the past was referred to as the venetian shade. 

Dust Guard Mini blinds through Hunter Douglas have dust guard which prevents dust from collecting on the shade and makes it easier to clean. 

Delight or Routeless  A privacy plus or de- light option is available this positions the holes through the blind towards the backside of the shade so when it is closed hides the route holes giving a sleeker look and wont cast dots of light on your floor.


Magna View Hunter Douglas has an option called the Magna View which uses a larger spaced latter system allowing fewer slats on the shade which opens up your view between the slats. These blinds are available with or without cords called lite rise which is a nice safety feature and keeps dangling lift systems hidden with in the shade.Also available are power tilt systems that tilt the shade open.

Even though mini blinds are economical for most areas it is not recommended for areas with high water content such as a bathroom or sink area and you may want to rethink mini blinds for these areas.