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Click below to see the wovenwood samples and we can send you up to 5 a day to your home takes 1 week to get...just email us name address and phone and what samples you are interested in. 



Woven Wood shades add a warm, rich dimension to any room. They combined styling and natural woods with modern operating systems.From casual to more traditional settings, the combination of grasses, woods and bamboo offer unique textures,rich colors. There are many options to choose from, including clutch operated systems, top down bottom up shades, hobbled style shades,angle top shades,vertical woven wood draperies,panel track systems,arches and angles,multiple shades on one head rail, and fabric lining opacity options. 



Standard Woven Wood Roman Shade
Fabricated on a 1 1/2" X 5/8" natural unfinished wood head rail. Woven wood material is mounted to the back of the head-rail, raises
and lowers in a Roman fold manner, using pulleys and pulley-like cord lock.
A standard 6" valance folds down from front of head-rail,hiding control mechanisms. Shade lays flat when completely lowered.
Shade is operated by tassel-capped 1.6 mm cords and are color-coordinated to the woven wood material. The hem at the bottom of the shade is folded.
Additional fascia valance sizes are available.

Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Roman Shade
This type of shade is fabricated on a 1 1/2" X 5/8" color coordinated solid wood head-rail. Woven wood material is mounted
to a floating wood rail and raised in a Roman fold manner, using pulley-like cord locks and eye screws. A standard 6" valance
folds down from front of head-rail, hiding control mechanisms. Shade lowers from the top and raised from the bottom of shade.
When the top is lowered the 1.6 mm color-coordinated cords will be visible is the center of the window opening. Shade lays
completely flat when all the way raised and lowered.


Banning options are for the top,sides,bottom or all three...



control option

Other than the standard pull cord where you pull the cord to raise and lower the shade giving you a pile of cord in your hands or on the floor or cleated on the wall. You can choose to have a continuous cord loop which is a loop of cording that is always the same length for an up-charge of $30-$70 per shade.


Vertical woven wood draperies 
 one of the newest options. Like a vertical blind the woven wood is attached to a head-rail vertically and can be opened with a wand or handled system. Ideal for when your trying to figure out what to put on the sliding doors that will match your other woven wood shades.


pannel track...

can be split in half to give the look of a drape

Custom style valance only

You can add as a top treatment to any window to compliment other shades in the room just a valance made of the same woven wood material as a stand alone or on top of a vertical, or just above your sink to finish the look in a kitchen. These valances are available lined or unlined.


Standard Privacy liners

The liners in the industry are micro pleat which is a folded accordion shade behind the woven wood...(I don't care for this system it is cheap) But it does allow you to lower the liner separate from the shade. The other system in a fabric liner behind the shade that is attached and is available in light filtering fabric and opaque fabrics in white, beige and black.


Liners can not be added after blind has been made...FYI.


standard shade with no liner

same shade with a liner